How to Get Super Cold Beer Without an Ice Chest

How to Get Super Cold Beer Without an Ice Chest

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Hello Drink “Dat” followers, beer fanatics, and party hosts. I wanted to share my technique with you for how to get your beer ice chest cold without the actual ice chest. Why would you need this you ask?

Let’s say you are having an event at your house and you realize you forgot to get ice for the cooler. This is not a problem. You can get your beer ice chest cold in about 20-25 minutes (May take longer if its hotter than room temp). All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and this problem will be as if it never existed.

How to Get Your Beer Ice Cold Without a Cooler

Step 1:

Place the entire box containing the beer in the freezer as close to the back of the freezer as possible. (Placing it in the back keeps the heat off from opening and closing the freezer) (note: deep freezer will take less time)

Step 2:

Crack the box open either on the side or the top so the cold air can circulate throughout the box evenly (I always grab one out just to get the party started. It’s open, might as well have one!).

Step 3:

After 20-25 minutes has passed check the beer to see if the outside of the bottle appears to be freezing. Once the bottle looks to be freezing the beer is good and cold.

Step 4:

Remove the beer from the freezer and place it inside the fridge. Leave the beer in the box to lock in the coldness.

Step 5 (optional):

For maximum coldness you can leave the beer in the freezer after it has reached that chill you are looking for. If you choose to follow step five, rub your hands around your beer in a wringing (as if you were wringing out a wet towel) motion. This motion will warm the beer slightly and keep from freezing over once you open it. (I normally rub mine around 8-10 times)

• This information was related to bottled beer.
• These same steps can be used for canned beer as well.
• I would suggest skipping step five when cooling can beer. (The chances of freezing are much higher)

I really hope this blog helps in your beer drinking ventures. Always remember to be safe and have a designated driver if you are not drinking at home. We’ll be sharing more tips with you each week to enhance your drinking experiences. Subscribe to our VIP List to be the first to access all the details!!!!!!