Drink Dat Fridays: Amaretto Sour

Drink Dat Fridays: Amaretto Sour

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It’s “Fridaaay“. Where’s my drink! Your drink is only a few short steps and mere 5 minutes away. Go ahead and find that special chair, prop your feet up, and let the ills of the week fade away. Oh, but of course you can’t do this without the help of a smooth mixture that has calming intentions. This classic drink is a light mixture, with a lustrous sipping ability.

Drink Dat Fridays Amaretto Sour


2 oz Amaretto Liquor

1 oz sweet and sour mix

1/3 oz (splash) Sprite/7 Up

Marashchino Cherries

Orange wedge/Lemon wedge

Ice Cubes


Pour Amaretto and sweet and sour mixture into a shaker. Fill your glass with desired amount of ice. Pour the mixture over ice and top with sprite/7 Up the choice is yours (I prefer 7 Up). Finally, drop a cherry or two in your glass and garnish with the orange wedge or lemon wedge (or both). It’s a fun classic so make it your own.

Drink Dat Thought:

Take time to designate a driver for the evening. Remember, never drink alone because a good friend can get you home! (so can Uber or Lift 😉 )