Drink Dat Fridays: Grand Moon

Drink Dat Fridays: Grand Moon

TGIF! I know it’s been a minute since our last drink of choice, but let’s start this weekend off right! Whether you going out to hear some live music, hangout on the boat, or just chilling on the patio, it is time to unwind! What would a weekend of this magnitude be without a drink that matches the energy and excitement in the air? You could go with the single hand approach, but if you are feeling a little more “frisky” fill up another cup!. The drink of choice for this week is called The Grand Moon. This drink consist of a Blue Moon beer and Grand Marnier LIquor. It’s a comfortable blend, simply because both drinks are citrus based.

Drink Dat Fridays: Grand Moon


12 oz Blue Moon Beer

1.5 oz Grand Marnier Liquor

Orange twist/wedge

Ice cold mug


Take an ice cold beer (Blue Moon)straight from the cooler, fridge, or freezer. Pour the ice cold Blue Moon into the frozen cold glass (put a dry glass in the freezer at least 30 min prior to usage) followed by the shot of Grand Marnier. Garnish the cup with the orange twist/wedge or just drop it right in. Take your time with this one, it’s the the sneaky kind.

Drink Dat Thoughts:

Several people have asked me to repost this drink. i consider this one a crowd pleaser! Make sure you take your time with this one, it’s quite the sneaky type! One or two and that should do!!!!

Remember, don’t drink alone because a friend can get you home.