Drink Dat Fridays: Jimmy Citronge

Drink Dat Fridays: Jimmy Citronge

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TGIF!!! I hope you are having an awesome Friday! It’s that time of the week once again. Time to find that special spot and let the week blow in the wind. Might as well have a smooth drink with mellow intent. The drink of choice for this most “coolating” Friday is the Jimmy Citronge. This drink is a medium mixture, with a slight more kick than last week’s Green Tea Pleaser. This drink was originally created as a shot on an intensely crunk night. However, you always have the ultimate decision when it comes to the enjoyment of any drinks suggested from Drink Dat!!!

Drink “Dat” Bartending: Jimmy Citronge Cocktail Tutorial


1.5 oz Patrone Citronge Liqueur

2 oz Jim Beam Apple

2 wedges of lime

Ice Cubes


Pour the Jim Beam Apple and the Patrone Citronge into a shaker, squeeze one wedge of lime into the shaker and toss. Shake well and pour into your favorite drinking glass, over a medium amount of ice (you can use the other lime for garnish). In the event that you are only making shots, put ice in the shaker to chill before pouring.

Don’t forget, a responsible drinker is a life saver whether it be your life or someone else. As I always say, ” never drink alone because a friend can get you home!”